Top Movies That Will Make You Cry

admin February 9, 2018 Views 230

If you are on the brink of wanting to have drama on your life for a moment, perhaps this list of movies will be a good watch for you. Though, be ready to have lots of tissue on your side and a companion to cry with, or perhaps, even your pets if you have one.

Best Sad Movies

  • Hachiko – everyone knows how loyal a dog can be, and this movie proves it even more. Who would even believe that this dog has been too loyal that he waits for his owner on the train station everyday, not knowing that he’s waiting for someone who is already dead
  • Mari and Her 3 Puppies – Japan is well-known to experience earthquake every now and then. But, for this particular family, the tragedy was too big to the point that they need to evacuate, leaving their dogs behind. The mother of the puppies needs to make sure they all survive before the rescuers come

  • A dog’s Purpose – another story of the loyalty of a dog. It’s hard to imagine that a person can be reincarnated to the body of a furry friend and would end up trying to change us back to the right path.